What are the new features of GENOA Transformer © V2.1?


New Version V.2.1

Since the end of September we provide a the new Version V2.1 for GENOA Transformer ©.  

With GENOA Transformer © we enable companies to continue the logical path of their security strategy with BlackBerry solutions. Existing IBM Domino (Traveler) customers can switch from Good for Enterprise or SWS to the BlackBerry (Good) Work.

GENOA Transformer© consists of two software components: 

  1. GENOA Transformer © (core) V2.1.0.0 – Public Release Date: 20.09.2017
  2. GENOA Transformer © (EPNS) V2.1.0.0 – Public Release Date: 20.09.2017

What are the new features?

  • The licensing is now switched to online licensing: new license update keys will be sent to you within the next days with all further insturations
  • Integrated Status Page with Health-Check
  • Support for Traveler HA based on SQL-HA Databases
  • Solution to ACCEPT/DECLINE Meeting invites in BlackBerry Work (no buttons because of Traveler bug) – Note: configuration changes in Traveler needed

New Requirements:

Before you update the latest Version of  GENOA Transformer © those requirements must be fulfilled. Please follow the update path below (order is mandatory):

  1. Add a new Firewall rule for https Port 443 to license.genoa.at from the GENOA Transformer host: see GENOA Transformer © Requirements documentation. – Note: You can use a Proxy, but you have to enable it in the GENOA Transformer © configuration
  2. Make sure you have got the new GENOA Transformer © V2.1 licenses including detailed instructions for configuration changes
  3. Install GENOA Transformer © V2.1
  4. Configure the license connectivity inside the GENOA Transformer © settings.
  5. Set Configuration Changes in Traveler for ACCEPT/DECLINE Meeting invites

Update the latest software: GENOA Secure Hub

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us: info@international.genoa.at

or 0043 732 774 770. We will be pleased to answer your inquiries during our office hours.