GENOA Transformer © listed in BlackBerry’s Compatibility Matrix

BB Compatibil Matrix

We are pleased that our latest product, the GENOA Transformer ©, is now officially listed in the Compatibility Matrix (for Mobile/Desktop OS and Enterprise Applications), which was updated by BlackBerry in July 2017.

In the IBM section the GENOA Transformer © is listed as a third-party app since BlackBerry Work has no native support for IBM Notes Traveler. Just click here – to have a look at the latest Compatibility Matrix.

You will also find the GENOA Transformer © at BlackBerry’s Marketplace for Enterprise Software.

With GENOA Transformer © we enable companies to continue the logical path of their security strategy with BlackBerry solutions. Existing IBM Domino (Traveler) customers can switch from Good for Enterprise or SWS to the BlackBerry (Good) Work.

Those interested in using IBM Domino, looking for a secure PIM solution for e-mail, calendar, contacts with secure intranet and file access to corporate data, can use BlackBerry (Good) Work to introduce the most secure PIM solution.

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